Frequently asked questions

Find answers to questions you ask about Java/J2EE hosting plans proposed by Java-Hoster. If you can't find what you're looking for in this page, please contact our Java experts.

Java Hoster is a hosting provider specialised in Java / J2EE solutions and is present on the web since 2009.
Java Hoster owns its entire infrastructure and is located in France.
While our competitors offer hosting plans with blank media where all has to be done: Linux setup, backup, firewall, application server, etc. ... with the result that technical support is often unable to help you with your configurations, at Java Hoster we go far beyond. The strength of hosting offers provided by Java-Hoster is in the simplicity of implementation and use by customers. You have nothing to install, everything is already configured for you: application server, database, messaging system, backup, firewall, statistics, etc. ... This lets you focus on your Java application and moreover we can be proactive on technical support. Upload your war, and within 2 minutes you will be enjoying your J2EE applications at 100% and safely.
The data you provide to Java-Hoster are not transmitted to third parties (except in case of legal proceedings or for domain names registration). These data will not be used by third parties for commercial purposes.
Yes, a Java-Hoster account is required to place an online order.
It is possible to order online, whether for Java/J2EE hosting plans like or for SEO plans. By selecting the different products you want to purchase, you create a shopping cart that you can then easily validate. A prior registration with Java-Hoster is required to be able to finalise the order.
Yes, it is possible to pay online on through secure payment system. All payments below are accepted: <ul><li>Paypal</li><li>Visa card</li><li>MasterCard card</li><li>Carte Bleue card</li><li>American Express card</li></ul>
Yes, in order to support our customers' development we allow upgrades of Java hosting plans. Visit your client area to learn more.
Java-Hoster chose Paypal to secure its payment system for several reasons: <ul><li>Encryption of transmitted data:</u> no unencrypted data flows over the network, so you are certain that all the information you send ca not be intercepted and used by others</li><li>Protection of data stored:</u> data used for payments is stored on highly secured server and is encrypted</li><li>Security against unpaid orders</li></ul> To know more about the security of online payments please visit the <a href="" target="_blank">Paypal website</a>.
Orders processing begins when payment is received and during customer service business hours. If you pay online, it is set up 24h after you placed your order.
Having a dedicated Java/J2EE hosting on Tomcat server can be very interesting in particular for professional websites.
  • Best performances : indeed, on a shared Java/J2EE hosting several applications share the same instance of the Tomcat server and share the same JVM (Java Virtual Machine) memory. But the amount of allocated memory is set only once for the entire Tomcat server. So if an application uses a significant amount of memory, for example because it uses resource-intensive technologies (Hibernate, Spring framework) and/or because there is a high traffic on the site it may consume a big part of the allocated memory. Accordingly, it will decrease performance of all the other Java applications that are on the same Tomcat server and therefore will have very few resources which will slow their executions see will create a failure. Potentially, the entire Tomcat server may fails and then all other applications hosted on the server will become unreachable until our crew could restart the Tomcat server. When choosing a dedicated Java/J2EE hosting plan, you are sure of the amount of memory assigned to your application and therefore you can ensure the level of the service of your application and the availability of your application in this context.
  • Higher availability : since your server is independent, it can not be made unavailable because of another application sharing the same Tomcat server. In addition, downtime due to maintenance is reduced to minimum because maintenance on your server can not be due to maintenance on another application. On a shared Tomcat, maintenance on an application causes the unavailability of all other applications sharing the same server during this time.
  • Higher security level : you are certain that Tomcat does not share any information with another application contrary to waht might happen on a shared Tomcat server.
  • More tools available : by choosing a dedicated Java hosting you get access to some additional tools such as the Tomcat manager to quickly deploy your applications (eg war files)or stop/start your Java/J2EE applications and Tomcat log files so that you can track bugs more easily. This is not available with the shared offers for security & technical reasons.
No some specific applications or advanced Java/J2EE frameworks require a significant amount of resources that can't be provided on a shared Tomcat server. This applies, for instance (not exhaustive list): Alfresco, Chat Blazer, Chiba, Cocoon, Confluence, Continuum, Corda, EHCache, eXo Platform, Expresso, FOP, Garaxi Chat, Grails, Hibernate , Hivemind, iBatis, JetNuke, JetSpeed, Jira, Jive, JMS, JSF, JSPSmartUpload, JSPWiki, Kawa, Laszlo, Liferay, Magnolia CMS, Maven, mvnForum, OFBiz, OpenBravo, OpenCMS, Openfire, OpenSymphony, PD4ML, Spring, Struts, Tapestry, uPortal and VolanoChat. More generally, it is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the application he is deploying does not require excessive memory and can be hosted on a shared server. If you are not sure or if you need more information, please contact our customer service through the contact form.
Of course Java-Hoster hosts also such applications. However, it is necessary to select a dedicated Java hosting plan to do so. For more information, please contact our customer service through the contact form.
Many extensions can be used to register a domain name with Java Hoster, here's the list: fr,com,eu,net,org,biz,info,be,ch,de,es
Once your order has been confirmed you will have the possibility in your account to register one (or more) domain names that you want Java-Hoster reserves on behalf of yourself (if they are available) and in the range of possible extensions (see previous paragraph).
Yes, of course you can book additional domain names, assuming that such domain names are available and that the extension is listed above. It may be worth reserving a domain with multiple extensions (.com, .fr, .net) to ensure that your competitors do not book similar domain names. To do so, visit your client area and register these domain names directly.technical.section.q7=Puis-je transférer chez Java-Hoster un domaine que je possède chez un autre hébergeur ?
Yes, you can transfer one or more domain names that you have elsewhere through the transfer procedure. Visit your client area to find out this procedure.
Reservation of domain names is concluded for a period of 12 months. Approximately two months prior to maturity you will receive a notification telling you how to renew your domain names with Java-Hoster.